Let’s get started… and Carnival In Jamaica info

So I have been delaying this for a while –  I used to always have something planned to do for every hour of the day.  However, recently I have managed to restructure my life so that I have a little more time available to do a little more. So I’ve added “Blogging” to my list of things to do.

Though popularly known as a Disc Jockey, I am also a promoter, business owner, and overall student of society.  I love to experience and share culture, which is a strong part of how as a Jamaican DJ I have managed to gain attention within the international soca community.  It’s a joy for me, not just a job.

There are so many changes taking place within the entertainment markets locally (Jamaica) and internationally, and I’m just trying to play my part (and stay ahead of the pack); and in as many cases as possible help to steer some of these changes into their new direction.

Having just returned from Trinidad Carnival, it’s time to get to work on Carnival In Jamaica.  If you are new to the whole soca scene, I advise that you do your homework and catch up on the music (podcast/ mixtape links below).  Check with Lehwego.com & Sleek for your updates and event calendars (Follow me on Snapchat for my play by play updates, djrichieras), and do like Tanto Blacks used to say and “Budget!!!”.

If you aren’t living in Jamaica and you plan to visit for our carnival season, I’d recommend you plan for a full 7-10 day trip, depending on what you can afford, but try to get in around Easter Weekend, so you can catch the events in Ocho Rios, and then make your way to Kingston for the Carnival Week fetes (I’ll list what I can remember below), and of course Bacchanal Road March which happens April 3rd, 2016.

I have heard a number of persons complain about the cost of the plane tickets to come here for that time period, but try to keep in mind that the events here are a fraction of the cost of those in Trinidad, Crop Over and Miami, and in all cases great value for money (e.g 40-50usd vs 80-90usd for a Drinks Inclusive).  Your fete experience and savings, will make up for the extra spent on the plane fare, as well as, you’ll have the opportunity to visit other local events and attractions (I’ll list these in another post closer to the time).

Check out my podcasts for my most recent soca mix #LymeJuice , as well as, a slew of others.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jm/podcast/dj-richie-r.a.s./id885672119?mt=2

Podomatic: http://djrichieras.podomatic.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-richie-r-a-s/dj-richie-ras-lyme-juice-january-2016

Mixcloud (New Account): https://www.mixcloud.com/djrichieras/

lyme juice 2016

Easter Weekend & Carnival Week Events:

Morning Mas – Kingston – March 25 (Good Friday)

Rise Up (Breakfast Party) – Ocho Rios – March 26

Bacchanal Beach Jouvert- Ocho Rios – March 26*

Sun Rum Fun- Ocho Rios – March 27*

Feterans – St. Mary – March 27

Marbana – Portland – March 27

DUSK – Kingston – March 28*

Tabanca Tuesdays – Kingston – March 29

I Love Soca (Cooler Fete) – Kingston – March 30*

aFloat (Cruise) – Kingston – March 31* (Afternoon)

Blocko – Kingston – March 31 (Night)

Pandemoneum – Kingston – March 31

Vale Breakfast Party – Kingston – April 1

MedzJA (Cruise) – Kingston – April 1*

Scorch _uck Work – Kingston – April 1

Bacchanal Jouvert – Kingston – April 1*

A.M. Bush – Kingston – April 2

Sunrise Breakfast Party – Kingston – April 2*

GLOW – Kingston – April 2*

Carnival at Night – Kingston – April 2

Bazodee – Kingston -April 2

Bacchanal Road March – Kingston -April 3*

Big Wall- Kingston -April 3

Rio – Kingston – April 3

Cool Down Lyme – Kingston – April 4*

Events I am confirmed to perform at *

Other events to be added.

Carnival Tuesday 2016



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